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GrowCove is a 501c(3) non-profit civic organization made up of volunteers who are passionate about our community. We support our local residents, businesses, and organizations. We organize fun and inclusive events for all ages in the Cove, and advertise ones from nearby towns or partner organizations. We promote and provide opportunities for dialogue with our local elected officials to ensure that all of our voices can be heard, and provide a central point of contact to unite incorporated (City of Huntsville) and unincorporated areas of Big Cove. Find out how you can get involved and make a positive impact on our community!


Hearing the concerns of our neighbors


Combining our talents


Advocating for our Community


GrowCove’s mission is to encourage smart growth in the Big Cove, Brownsboro, Hampton Cove, and Owens Cross Roads communities through constructive collaboration.

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We live, work, and play in the Cove; that's why the team is dedicated to growing our community. Through business sponsorships, neighborhood outreach, and community events, our goal is to make the Cove a better place. You're likely to find us at the next GrowCove get-together; feel free to stop by and say hi, or drop us an email!

Elizabethe Osborne

GrowCove Director

Chairperson, Planning

Brad Garland

GrowCove Director

Treasurer, Business Outreach

Bjoern Lanwer

GrowCove Director

Business Outreach, Municipal / Government Liaison

Jessica Berkholtz

Committee Lead

Cove Universal Playground

Katie Martin

GrowCove Director

Marketing Coordinator, Community Outreach, Communications

Ben Crow

GrowCove Director

Website Master, Business Outreach

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