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We would be so grateful if you spent a few minutes learning more about why the Cove Universal Playground is so important to our community and the impact it will have on so many. All donations are tax deductible.

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The Cove Universal Playground (CUP) is a brand new play area to be located at the new City Park on Taylor Road, adjacent the Recreation Center and athletic fields which will begin groundbreaking in Fall 2019, with a targeted completion date of Fall 2020.

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How is a Universal Playground different than a typical playground?

Please read this article! It is inclusive to children and caregivers of all abilities, cognitive and physical. And bonus…will have some really cool and unique equipment to get our kids outside, playing, communicating, and engaging with new and old friends!

What does Universal mean ?

It’s an inclusively designed play area that is fun, safe, and accessible for children of all ages and abilities and their caregivers, to the greatest extent possible without the need for adaptation or specialized design.

Here is a short film from a child’s point of view.

Short Film about Playground Inclusion wins International Acclaim

CUP Committee

The Cove Universal Playground committee of the GrowCove Civic Organization was established to design, facilitate, and build an engaging and accessible play area at a new City park in the Big Cove area of Madison County, AL. In the Fall of 2018, the City of Huntsville acquired a 10-acre property on Taylor Road. This site will be the new home of a new recreational facility, including two gymnasiums, several fitness and activity rooms, storage and administrative spaces. The park will also include athletic fields, a multi-purpose path, and a play area for all children.

The goal of the committee is to provide a playground that is both a local destination and one that allows children with mobility, cognitive, and other impairments to easily play and engage with their peers, building relationships with each other and between caregivers. Community fundraising activities will be held throughout 2019 and beyond to raise the money that will be necessary to build each phase of the project.

Partners: GrowCove, City of Huntsville Parks and Recreation, Operation Green Team Foundation

Project Estimate: $650,000 (Phase I); $250,000 (Phase II)

Funding Sources: CUP Committee and GrowCove fundraising efforts

Targeted Funding Completion Date: Fall, 2020



  • 15,000 sq ft footprint for gated playground with shade
  • Smooth play surface
  • Equipment addressing needs of all children
  • Two separate and inclusive play areas (2-5 year old; 5-12 year old)


Committee Members: 

Committee Lead – Jessica Berkholtz

Finance Chair – Will Brandsmeier

Sponsorship Chair – Marianne Butt

Fundraising Chair – Sarah Connell

Communications Chair – Allison Proud

Outreach Chair – Melissa Jones


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