Following the announcement of a new Park and Recreation Center on Taylor Road in 2019, GrowCove is hosting a community meeting on Monday, Oct 22 at 7pm at Goldsmith-Schiffman Elementary School, in the activity room.

Representatives from the City of Huntsville, Parks and Recreation Department, and Eastern League Youth Sports will be there to discuss our Cove recreational needs, assets, and new park site design with local residents!

The recreation center was originally planned to be constructed next to Hampton Cove Elementary School, but the City of Huntsville was able to purchase a larger parcel of land on Taylor Road that affords the opportunity to support additional sports programming and open-ended play activities and amenities for all ages.

Excited about having this recreational and civic asset in such a central and accessible location? Have questions about specific site design items in the new Taylor Road context? Attend the meeting and share your thoughts!




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